What is Troopr Jira Bot?

Troopr Jira Bot (Troopr) is an easy and secure way to connect your Slack workspace to your Atlassian Jira account. Troopr provides comprehensive connectivity to Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence that is battle tested in large enterprise deployments.

Troopr helps Software teams create and update Jira Software project issues without leaving Slack saving time and keeping Jira current at the same time.

Troopr helps IT teams manage internal requests in Slack while automatically syncing with Jira Service Management avoiding the need to copy paste between Slack and Jira.

Troopr also helps team members share any Jira report in Slack privately or in team channels.

Install and Setup

You can install Troopr by simply adding Troopr to your Slack workspace. Follow instructions in the page below to complete the installation.

Then, proceed to setup the connection to Jira by following instructions below.

Then, proceed to get started with Troopr by following the instructions below.

Then, get your team to use Troopr by sharing the instructions below.

Read more about Troopr in this help docs portal. For further help, reach out to our support team 24X7 at [email protected]