2way Jira ticket sync in Slack
Troopr supports 2 way realtime update of Jira ticket or issue in Slack channels. This feature works with both Jira Software issues or Jira Service Desk tickets. For the purposes of this document we will refer to a Jira Service Desk ticket.
To enable this feature, go to Troopr web app at https://app.troopr.io. Navigate to "Jira Bot" in the left side menu bar. Navigate to "Channel Preferences" tab and find your channel configuration (or create a new configuration). Then in the channel page, enable "Thread Sync by default" (if it is not enabled already).
Now to see the 2way sync in action, you can trigger active sync by
    Taking "Task It" message action on any Slack message in the channel
    Typing a ticket key in the channel
One of the above actions will create a ticket card with a Slack thread that actively updates messages as comments to the Jira ticket and vice versa.

Active Slack thread sync features

    Recent comments if any in the ticket are updated in the thread
    New messages in the thread are added to the Jira ticket as comments
    New comments in the Jira ticket added from anywhere are updated in the thread in realtime
    New media attachments in the thread are automatically added as attachments to the ticket in Jira
    New attachments in Jira are updated in the thread
    Any update to the ticket (status change, assignee change etc) are updated in the ticket in Slack
    Multiple active Slack threads for the same ticket are kept in sync

Benefits of active thread sync

    Reduce channel noise with organized conversation in threads. Read more here.
    Easy for customer and agent(s) to work in one place without leaving Slack
    Easy conversational way to discuss, update and resolve the ticket
    Slack sends the notifications for any update in the thread
Last modified 2mo ago