Initial Setup (Cloud)
To get started, you can navigate to Jira "Connection" page by navigating to Troopr web app and then to "Jira Bot" then choose "Connection" tab on the left side bar.

Step 1: Enter Jira URL

You will be redirected to the Jira connection page where you can enter your Jira domain and click “Next”
Enter Jira URL

Step 2: Create Jira App Link

In this step, you will have to create a Jira App link from your domain to
Create Jira App Link

Step 3: Configure the Jira App Link

Configure the created link and click “Next”
Configure the Jira App Link

Step 4: Secure the Link

In the final step, secure the created link and click “Connect”
Secure the link

Step 5: Link Jira Project to Slack Channel

Link the project to the slack channel. Provide the project, Board and Issue type details. You can make changes anytime you want.
Your Jira is connected. You will get below message in the Slack channel.
Customize your notifications and reports as per your workflow.
Type following command in any Slack channel to launch Troopr