Getting Started (Team)
Troopr Slack bot for Jira brings all of Jira to your Slack so you never have to login to Jira again.
Before getting started ensure that you workspace administrator has configured Jira for the team. If Jira is not configured yet in your Troopr workspace, you can request the Jira administrator to complete that step first by logging in to Troopr and following instructions to connect Jira Cloud or Server/DC.

Key benefits include

  1. 1.
    Easily create issues or tickets from Slack conversations
  2. 2.
    Easily glance through your issues or tickets and take action in Slack
  3. 3.
    Schedule actionable Jira Reports and Charts in Slack
  4. 4.
    Get actionable nudges in Slack
  5. 5.
    Run Standup meetings integrated with your Jira activity in Slack
Once your Slack workspace is connected to your Jira account by your admin, you can get started by verifying your Jira account.

1. Locate Troopr Assistant app (one time)

Go to "Apps" section in Slack sidebar and search for "Troopr Assistant" and select "Troopr Assistant" to open the app

2. Verify your Jira account (one time)

To verify your Jira account, Click on "Jira Login" on the Home tab of "Troopr Assistant" App and complete the verification process in Atlassian website.
After verification, when you come back to Troopr Home tab, you should see your list of issues with relevant filters. You should also see "+ Issue" button to create new issue and "+ Ticket" button (when enabled) to create a new ticket in Jira Service Management project.

3. Set Personal preferences (one time)

To customize your personal notification preferences type /t configure in any Slack channel, then click on "Personal Notifications".
You can also configure the same in the Troopr web app in the "Personal Preferences" page .

3. Try Troopr commands

See the issue listing in any channel by typing /t list. You can update any issue by clicking on "Take action" button.
Create a new Jira issue by using the /t create command.
See more details and full list of commands here.

4. Unfurl and Automatic Sync

In any channel where Troopr is added, Troopr will automatically unfurl any issue mentioned by issue key or url. Alternatively if Troopr is not in the channel you can type /t <issue key> to request a private unfurl.
When Troopr Thread Sync is enabled, unfurl will also start a new active thread in Slack where you messages will be automatically converted to comments in Jira.

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